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Friday, 5 August 2011


Since the trends this season are all about the vibrant and bright colors, I bring to you the least popular of them all, THE ORANGE.

Most people shy away from wearing this hue because it is thought to be too loud. This is one power color that can be worn in a feat to be noticed, yet, without screaming. It is such that surely demands attention and must be worn right.

 Orange is a combination of two very energetic colors: Red and Yellow, which all share common attributes such as warmth and energy. It is the color of fun and sociability. So if you are thinking of going on that date, to that event, that beach, THE ORANGE is for all.

It is not really advisable to put on orange from head to toe, which brings me to stating a few colors which could be worn so beautifully with orange.
  • First up is the color BLUE.
Pairing with the color blue, is one of the best ways to rock orange. A lovely short orange dress goes perfectly with blue shoes OR an orange chiffon top with a short blue skirt.

  • GOLD
This happens to be one of the easiest colors to pair with. Be it a belt, jewellery or footwear, you could never go wrong pairing it up with orange.

I so much adore this color. It is one that speaks confidence. Imagine pairing a purple gown, be it short or maxi with an orange jacket and vice versa......... FABULOUS!!!
                                                 Thanks Jessica.

So be it the coral, pumpkin or burnt orange in either shoes, bags or dresses, it is such a beautiful color which everyone should have in his/her closet.

Remember, you can always get people thinking or talking with the color, ORANGE.

Is Orange your best color yet?

by L'amour


  1. YESSSSS!!!!!! I am rocking an orange dress tomorrow, and I will pair it with an orange /purple combined pashmina and purple wedges.

  2. Wow,u rock gal