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Thursday, 16 February 2012

The 'What The Hell Were You Thinking' at the Grammy Awards 2012!

How do some celebrities feel good looking like trash? 

This beats me each time I see one. Is it so difficult having a great sense of style? If your stylist is doing this to you, I believe such should be fired. 
Watched Fashion Police: The Grammy Awards 2012 Special not long ago because I wasn't able to watch the red carpet show when it aired and I was beyond annoyed, irritated and furious on the choices some celebrities made for the red carpet.
Need we emphasize that it's all about glamour and over-the-top fabulosity at The Grammys? It has been known for years.I'm just going to put up their pictures and names and if you know them, you can tell them not to try such crap again.

Nicki Minaj = STUPID
Lady Gaga = BRUTAL
Sasha Gravida = CRAZY
Bonnie McKee = TASSEL WAR
Robyn = TRASH
Cyndi Lauper = WITCHCRAFT
LaurieAnn Gibson = WRONG
This ain't BoomKack Studio!
Linda Ramone = SOULLESS
Anne V = SLUT
How could you belittle Adam Levine this way? You are fired!

So glammies, do you see why I am this angry?

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