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Monday, 20 February 2012


In order to make it in today’s fashion world, an entrepreneurial fashionista must be armed with an unshakeable resolve, plenty of work ethics and a great heaping of talent to even get noticed above the towering waves of uncertainty that have swept the industry.

Our first #GlamSpotlight is on Wana Sambo; the force behind emerging fashion brand Wana Sambo Clothing!

Never try to understand a design, simply appreciate it.” – Wana Sambo 

Name: Wana Sambo

Brand Name: Wana Sambo Clothing

Occupation: Fashion Designer

Hometown: Brass LGA, Bayelsa State Nigeria.

How would you describe your development as a designer; did you fall into it, so to speak, or was it a definite career path that you wanted to take?
Well, although I started designing officially in the summer of 2007, I would totally say I was born for this.*big grin*. From a tender age, I created pieces for my paper dolls and my Barbie dolls. Where my sister played kitchen, I played ‘fashion model’ or ‘dressmaker’ .
I studied International Relations and Diplomacy in the university and while I was getting a degree, I started designing and got nominated for Best Designer at Dynamix Awards that year. I had to quit in 2008 for NYSC and unfortunately I went down the 9-5 career path until Dec. 2011 when I had an exclusive exhibition which marked the launch of Wana Sambo Clothing.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Oh, Everywhere. . . Thankfully I have an eye for interesting things like colours, patterns, shapes and music. All these are major factors for a designer’s inspiration. I also dream up designs in my sleep and I can’t help but sketch them down the minute my eyes pop open but in all, I am inspired by everything. Architecture, landscape, flowers, humans, trees, etc. I am inspired to create pieces from the areas where people see nothing.

Who’s your favorite designer, or designers and why?
I am my favorite designer. Lol. Of course there are a few influences like Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen (may he R.I.P), Victoria Beckham, Jason Wu, Christian Westphall and a couple of others.

Off the top of your head, what has been one of the best moments of starting your brand and watching it grow?
Getting a studio, a workroom and being involved in the designing process from start to finish. Its beyond insane and totally overwhelming!

Worst moment?
Losing Tailors. Lol. (It’s every Nigerian designer’s Worst nightmare)

What challenges (if any) have you overcome as a designer?
The major challenge is our Production environment. As we don’t have good power supply let alone production factories in Nigeria, outsourcing is usually the best idea but the demand is not as high as what most production outlets abroad agree to produce per item so we tend to make things work in Nigeria until the demand gets to the level where outsourcing is inevitable.

What are some of your favorite hang-out spots?
It might seem really stupid but frankly, I love to hangout in my room. Lol. Listening to really loud music and having a glass of wine with a friend or friends. But when it’s really necessary to do outdoors, Raddisson Blu bar always comes to mind. 

What’s currently on your ‘most played’ playlist? 
Radiohead, Lloyd Cele, Artful, Mick Jagger, Black kids, the Virgins, etc…. 

Do you have any upcoming patterns or projects that we should look out for? 
Most definitely!! Please stay tuned for my A/W 2012 Collection. Although a pre-collection is out, you can see what I have been working on for a few months now. My facebook page also has all info pending the official launch of my website… Do checkout

If you’d like to contact Wana Sambo please follow the link below:!/TheWaNaSaMbO


  1. Thumbs Up Wana! (Y)

  2. Can you change the font color for the parts written in blue?It is so hard to read!

  3. "Losing Tailors" Lol. Thats a fact, it can be frustrating! Keep on keeping on Wana. God Bless you!

  4. Loving the first look. wow!