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Thursday, 19 January 2012

It's the ITPS Season 3!!!!!

ITPS: => Initiate The Play Sequence.

H&M Nigeria presents ITPS 2012; what is said to be a revolution in the music industry. For music artistes seeking a tremendous music promo, visit: and click on the ITPS page.

H&M Nigeria in collaboration with other entertainment bodies is now announcing the return of ITPS 3. This version of the ITPS series will feature a Nigerian celebrity (away from music) as the front cover act.
The ITPS 3 will feature interviews with major celebrities just like a recorded radio program, as well as brand new songs from top Nigerian artistes.

So, H&M Nigeria has opened the door to 10 Nigerian upcoming artistes with great songs to be a part of this project to place their songs on the album (for promotions) as regards ITPS and will be a free distributed material for all, both online and in hard-copies.

As for artistes trying to get involved in ITPS 2012, find out all the benefits of being a part of this project on

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