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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Know the LYRICS! - Kele Kele Love by Tiwa Savage

This is a brand new series where we pick a great song either new or old that is loved by all and put up the lyrics for the benefit of those that have not been so sure of what they have been singing, including me o! #hahaha
Also to know a little more than what is generally known about the song.

Now, let's sing along.

Song: Kele Kele Love
Artiste: Tiwa Savage
Language: English
Year: 2010

Verse 1
Only serious candidates should come and holla
You don’t impress me cos you drive a hummer
And no secrets cos I don’t need no wahala yea
So save the drama for your baby mama
You only want to see me after hours
I ain’t gonna be your undercover lover
Don’t private call me, no don’t even bother yea
Till you shout on the roof that I am your lover

You think cos I am pretty, I am dumb dumb
See your mouth sweet like Tom Tom
It aint enough cos you’re handsome so listen

Chorus (2x)
I no do kele kele no kele kele love o
Ma se mi beyen baby o

Verse 2
So your boys say you can get me with your money
Don’t believe the hype, I am not the (I am not the type)
I got plenty guys who want me it ain't funny,
Best believe the hype, I am just their type

(Repeat Hook)
(Repeat chorus ) (4x)
(Repeat Hook)
(Repeat chorus till fade)

© Tiwa Savage

Song Produced by: Harmony BOE
Director : Jerry Chan
Producer : Mike Begovich
Creative Directors : Tee Billz n Tiwa Savage

Lyrics provided by

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