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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Citizens' reactions.. #OccupyNigeria #FuelSubsidyRemoval (Part 2)

Part 2

lyricaldubbz (Gerald Aghogho) 
GEJ do you plan on arresting 150 million people #Fuelsubsidyremoval #OcuppyNigeria
StraitTwistedMe (HollaHollaCve) 
Praying 'll not solve anything... We've bn praying since 1960! #OccupyNigeria
"Labour Of Our Heroes Past... Shall Never Be In Vain..." #OccupyNigeria 
CassOfficial_ (Ebenezer disObey) 
The president that has said his pple will not rest, shall also not rest...
PrettyEny1 (miss E) 
Buhari vs GEJ... D devil we knew vs the angel we didn't know
Even tho I'm not in Nigeria , I still feel my pples pain.....
chimaTwidsent (Chima Aguma) 
#Facts about Subsidy.. The N18,000 minimum wage can not fill up the fuel tank of a jeep.. Good to know
Tytnine (Williams t9 Azubuko) 
A good name is far batter than money--GEJ wants money-not a good name-Nigerians are crying-the poor and †ђξ rich !! #occupyNigeria
Toni__Tones (Toni Tones) 
How many people must starve to death to service your egos. How many people must fucing die? FUCK THE NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT!
First Lady's fuel subsidy gbagaun Single finally»» "Can Nigerians pls let my husband ve some rest & stop al dis attackment on him''
Nigeria is over ripe 4 a REVOLUTION N am damn sure GEJ provided us wit a good flash point 2 initiate the STRUGGLE for FREEDOM #OCCUPYNIGERIA 
There is a reason y GEJ studied ZOOLOGY in the university. He is closer to animals than human beings. Is that d man Y'all want 4 president?
I cry for Nigeria but then my Mind is already made up about GEJ. he is a WASTE that OCCUPIES space in Aso Rock #OCCUPYNIGERIA 
If its about CLUELESSNESS, DUMBNESS and INDECISIVENESS then it has to be about GEJ.
ONE person cannot turn the tide of'll take ALL of us... DO NOT LOSE FOCUS by apportioning blame NOW..we av a long road ahead of us.
HunkIII (MoяaKinγ̲σ †нe †нiяd) 
GEJ Should Be Stripped Naked, Peppered In His Asshole & Fucked By A Horse That's OD-ed On Viagra At Eagles Square!
tobbinator (Tobbie TCD Maguire) 
...If GEJ was God...
ttbalog (TTBalog) 
Look at the N1000 in your pocket, it just turned to N300. And some1 asks us not to #OccupyNigeria? NO to GEJ & IMF economists. @tweetoracle
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