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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Citizens' reactions.. #OccupyNigeria #FuelSubsidyRemoval (Part 1)

In response to the just announced fuel subsidy removal by the Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, on the 1st of January, 2012, numerous reactions have followed via social network, Twitter.

TheGlamOfficial has gathered a few...

ydcoal (Yamai)
GEJ hasn't been able2solve his wife's illiteracy level even after being in d aisle of power4 12yrs talk more of 9ja's problems!

Saw this coming,I lamented,u said I was over-reacting...He used 1 day 2ruin my whole year...Do u know how had it is2settle in Abj?

One thing is certain... No matter what happens, Goodluck cannot subsidize my Joy IJN.

It is Only the Man that created us , that can solve this.

ogundamisi ((c)Canary!)
MAKE #occupynigeria #occupynigeria #occupynigeria #occupynigeria TREND WORLD WIDE! RETWIT LET THE WORLD KNOW WE HAVE A DICTATOR IN NIGERIA.

CapoeiraPanda (Call Me Panda) 
I think a lot of people don't understand what this year is going to bring if this removal is allowed to stand.
SLKMoi (SheerFabulosity) 
#OccupyNigeria #OccupyNigeria #OccupyNigeria #OccupyNigeria #OccupyNigeria #OccupyNigeria #OccupyNigeria #OccupyNigeria #OccupyNigeria RT!

AishaJana (Aisha) 
This govt has been caught in another lie again... Where r the incentives meant to ameliorate things, they said prices wldnt go up...all BS
Flow__Show (FLS FLOWSHOW™) 
Discussion on Silverbird on why Farida waziri was removed was bcuz she promised to deal wit the fuel subsidy cabal! @omojuwa.
iUtchay (uche odoh) 
And why will a diasporan sumbody say he/she supports d removal of fuel subsidy...U don't even live hia homie,what's ur point?
slimtmusic (Slim T TripCity) 
Ensure you have cameras far away from the protest spots to take long distance videos. Very important #occupyNigeria
Please use popular hashtags, e.g. #FuelSubsidy or #OccupyNigeria in your tweets so that any emergency requests can be picked up for action."
snatcha ( rooftopmcs) 
Those that collected money to sing for GEJ n at d dinner wit gej, d money done finish abi ok we forgive u. Go n b seen no more.
BankyW (Banky Wellington) 
There are too many issues crippling us in Nigeria. Maybe this Fuel Subsidy removal is what will spark us to finally stand up for ourselves.
sammyswaggz (samuel sholaolu) 
Hs obviously a greedyfool.nw I understand d sayin a devil u knw s beta dn d angel u dnt@BaddessstTF! #1.4Billion for GEJ's Kitchen, iDon die.
toptennaija (top10naija) 
"Those that beat the drum of war must live to dance to it!" @PresGoodluck &co this is just the beginning #OccupyNigeria
KnoxTainment (213) 
The Fuel subsidy should remain until FG gets the refineries functioning again !!
ged (ediongsenyene g.umoh) 
Even the worst Nigerian dictator couldn't do this...but the man with LUCK did without notice. Complete #cluelessness stinks! #subsidyremoval
ToolzO (Tolu) 
ikhide (Ikhide) 
...We were sent the wrong people. We asked for statesmen and we were sent executioners. (Wole Soyinka, A Dance of the Forests).
Somebody pls wake me when GEJ is no longer the President of Nigeria #OCCUPYNIGERIA

Nigeria won't SLEEP while dis Man pretends that all is well. This fuel subsidy removal will wreck him in office #OCCUPYNIGERIA
KathleenNdongmo (Kathleen Ndongmo) 
Protest march is very close to Maryland (ikeja) now. We fight for us all. Do your bit in the best way you can. Do something! #fuelsubsidy
MistarHughes (Sokleva-Rooftop MCs) 
Stop waiting for any artiste/celebrity to "lead", follow your convictions. I applaud all those who aren't afraid to act. #occupynigeria
kelonline (Kel) 
It's not just about ur voice being heard. It's about ur heart being in d right place. Fight for what u believe in, not just cos ure told to.

Look out for more... 

Part 2

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