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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Honey's NOTEBOOK......... 7

I enrolled for a diploma course which was supposed to last 2years but with my own hands of inadequate concentration, i extended it to almost 3years.
I had an extra semester, this was a really sad phase of my life but I took it in good stride because it was what I deserved. It became 'victory at last' when I was finally given my admission letter into the University as an undergraduate. My mates were already ahead of me but I refused to be bothered and took solace in the saying "God's time is the best".
It was a new beginning for me and I decided to give it a fresh start. I had a fantastic result in my first semester and was determined to toe that line. In second semester, there was a Beauty contest/Awards event to take place in the school hostel. I was a resident and that afforded me the opportunity to participate. The form was brought to me and I was convinced to give it a try. 8 of us started out but 4 stepped down due to various reasons. Thankfully, I was one of the last 4 standing. Winning was my target but trying something new was my aim. After series of rehearsals and grooming lessons of about 2weeks, the day finally came.
Unfortunately, I fell ill and I had to be at the school clinic. The doctor administered some drugs and I went back to my room in the hostel to rest. I asked a friend to help call my designer to bring my gown for the evening and she told this friend of mine I had to come pick it up myself. In my ill state of health, I went with my friend to pick up the gown. Time was no longer on our side and it was 3hours to the event. We got to her house which was about a 20-minute drive from school and it began to rain.So many unpleasant thoughts began to run through my mind. With no further delay, I paid her the balance and demanded the gown. At this point, my designer who had been loyal all along began to speak in tongues I did not understand. She said the price of the gown was contrary to our agreement. She began to narrate to me how expensive the extra touch she had to put on it was. Her conclusion was she was not going to release my gown until I paid what she demanded.
Here I was with no extra cash or plan B. I became angry and asked her why she had to wait till that very night before she told me all of this. I was talking beyond my strength and I became very weak. My friend took it up and started pleading. We were obviously heading nowhere and to crown it all she was so rude. I felt like giving it all up at this point because I was ill, it was raining, the event was to start in less than 2hours and here I was with my designer having an unfruitful conversation. And so I asked her to keep the gown. I was about walking out when my friend grabbed me by the hand, looked me in the face and said "I believe in you, please don't let this designer ruin your day of glory". Two things ran through my mind, 'who says I'd be crowned Queen and just what if I won the contest'?
I decided to think positively. It was still raining but we had to leave. I asked this designer to come to the venue with my gown and then she would have her money. We left her house hurriedly, walked to the bus-stop  and tried to flag a cab, under the rain. I was not going to the hostel to prepare but the nearest ATM, to withdraw some money so I could have a gown. We found a cab and I was able to use the ATM. 30minutes to the event, I was back in my hostel to battle for the crown. I had dinner and took my medication. I needed to stay strong and not exhibit any sign of weakness because the other girls were in it for the same reason.
I finally got my gown and paid the balance. The event kicked off and I put all the stress of the day behind me. Our first appearance was a choreography display of about 5minutes. The audience cheered and made us feel like we did a good job. We were back in the dressing room and I said to myself, "3 more appearances to be the Queen or a one-time contestant". Well, more importantly, I was hungry at the moment. The dance must have sapped some energy! My friend brought me snacks and a drink and kept encouraging me to believe in myself.
We came out again in our traditional costume. I am a yoruba lady but I appeared as a fulani maiden that night. It was time for the casuals and this time, we were getting closer to the real deal. Finally, our last appearance was the evening gown. I was about to wear the gown when I remembered the episode that was not so pleasant. Quickly again, I forgot about it because this was my last chance to impress the judges and I had to be in my best of moods. How come I forgot to include that I was contestant number 4. Oh yes! I was, of the 4 contestants.
We were called out again for the final judgement. And as we walked out, there was power outage. I wasn't sure how to feel about it because it was the least thing I expected. We managed to walk to our positions in the dark. The smiles on our faces, precisely our teeth, I believe, were the only visible things at the event. The generator coming on was taking longer than expected so the organizers had to improvise. All thanks to God, the event took place in an open space, we might have lit candles to complete it. Some guys who came in their cars, volunteered to save the day. They packed their cars on the left and right sides of the stage and switched on the full lights. Now we could continue after about 15minutes of smiling to a faceless audience.
I was a bit nervous but no one could notice because my smile was perfect and my body language was just in sync. The 3rd runner-up was called and it was not me *sigh*. I was amongst the top 3. The 2nd runner-up was called and the crowd had their eyes on me. I was a bit confused because that wasn't my number. The 2nd runner-up stepped aside and now I knew why they stared. We were just 2 left and maximum concentration was on us. Contestants number 1 and 4 were the last 2 standing. And so contestant number 1 was announced the Queen of the hostel. 
There I was with my smile and pose, it did not sink that the show was over. I just kept telling myself "better luck next time". Just about 15seconds after contestant number 1 was announced winner, one of the judges announced again that they were sorry and meant to say contestant number 1 was the 1st runner-up. In no time, contestant number 4, in person of my humble self was officially the Queen of my hostel. I still maintained my position just in case they were going to change their minds again. Not until my crazy friends came to jump on me did I realize I had become the Queen of  the entire female hostel in my school.
This gave me great joy and satisfaction. I sat on the ***Royal chair*** and the outgoing Queen placed the **crown** on my head. Lots of pictures were taken and I felt favored among all. I was about to leave the stage when I was called to receive the award for the Most Beautiful Girl the hostel. That was a plus to me after a rewarding night. Just 2weeks after, I was also given the award for the Most Beautiful Girl in my department. I got all of these not because I'm a goddess or I am exceptionally beautiful but because I am a proof of God's existence *smiles*. It was a stepping stone for me, it gave me awesome exposure and I decided to take good advantage of it.
Few months after, there was another competition, a bigger one this time, at state level. It was a competition in one of the South-West states. I took up the challenge because I was confident I would make a headway. To my utmost dismay, I had an UNPLEASANT experience........................
Honey Jar

Chapter 6


  1. More like fact...nice story tho...

  2. Speechless!!! Thats what I am at the moment. I always saw this in you years ago. Preety and gorgeous proud of you. *cheers*

  3. Carefully selected words. Nice one. Kip it up dear. @IamTeslim

  4. Good read, don't stop now, get at it and in no time everything wud be back together. Believe

  5. 9c 1 dearie!more achievements to come IJN..U AR MUCH LUVD n I'M SOO PROUD OF U

  6. 9ice 1 babe..bless

  7. Good Word delivery, clear explanations, lovely intuitive writing. :) I'm proud of you.

  8. Nice work ore.more grease to ur elbow.

  9. . . .remeber dat nyt lyk it was yesterday,u were a site to behold.seriozly no one deserved dat crown dan u. . .u wie ne r spectacular *

  10. my dear friend, I'm so proud of you. Keep up the good work.. #BIG HUGS#. God bless you.*mwah*!