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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Honey's NOTEBOOK......... 6

I went for lectures in the morning and anticipated what the day had in store for me. I was thankful I was done with school by 12noon. My friends and I took lots of pictures and headed home. We talked on how to spend the rest of the day and all sounded productive. My boyfriend at the time came in from Lagos and brought me gifts. Now that was a good start to the celebration. 

It was Valentine’s Day! 

We spent some time together, he left and I was back with my friends again. We had a church program for 5pm. It was a Youth Forum on sex and the issues that came along with Valentine’s day celebrations. We were very interested and so we went. It lasted about 2 hours and the plans we made in the afternoon began to unfold smoothly.

We planned to go out separately and converge at an eatery by 10pm. And so I went out with this guy, we had pepper soup and drinks. Oh! He must have thought I really liked him for me to hang-out with him on Valentine’s evening. How wrong! I was only there for the pepper soup, drinks, some sight-seeing and fun, basically. I started to think of my friends when this guy began to bore me with some cheap and repeated lines. When I was done with my meal, I told him I had to go because it was getting really dark.

He tried to talk me into staying a little longer and I reminded him I had a boyfriend who wouldn't be happy if I was with a guy this late. He respected that and decided to drop me off. He said he wanted to make sure I got home safe. I agreed but quickly I remembered my friends and I still had a meeting for 10pm and so I told him I'd be fine, that he didn’t need to drop me off.

I beckoned on a bike rider and asked him to take me home because this guy was standing right beside me. Along the way, the naughty me instructed him to change routes so I could be with my friends. He did and they were waiting for me as planned. We had some snacks, talked and laughed so loud everyone could notice. 

The whole place was beginning to get rowdy and so we decided to leave. Just before we got up, Red Roses were given to all the ladies in the eatery; that was really sweet. We left determined to catch some more fun. The time was already 11pm. Now, we had no guy with us that time! Sometimes, I look back and I'm grateful to God for seeing me through my rugged ways. Still in though. *smiles*

There was a free party going on outside the next eatery and in a few minutes, we were a part of it. I studied the faces at the party and they were sincerely razz and not just it. Yes, we were supposed to leave but the music pinned us down. We always made a statement at every party we attended and this was not an exception. We did not allow any of them dance with us and that got them angry. Trouble was looming but we kept acting like we had some mobile police men around to keep watch on us. The music kept getting us high and we just went with the flow.

Suddenly, a fight broke out and there was smashing of bottles. Till date, I don't know the color of the bottles that were smashed or the people involved in the fight. I ran like a mad dog was coming after me and there was safety right in front of me. I didn't even remember I came with friends. 
The only place that appeared safe was with the DJ and so I ran and hid behind him. It was then I gathered my thoughts and decided to look for my friends. I found them in the middle of the road looking so clueless. Quickly we got a cab and told ourselves we had had enough but we also remembered we were invited for a party by a close friend. The time was almost 12am and these girls (WE) were still out!

The party venue was empty and all we could see were litters. Now this was just enough for a day. God had done so much for us and the least way we could appreciate him was GO HOME! 

Yes we did, and slept peacefully..........

Honey Jar


  1. yetunde/prima donna25 November 2011 at 09:09

    Lol,I can remember dis story.didn't knw u hd it in u.go gal,u rock.

  2. hmmm..i rem ds story..oyinda n adventure sha...av fun gurl buh wt moderacy k..u rock

  3. Realistic story ..but too much info ..keep em up

  4. A lovely piece of work. Keep it coming dear

  5. beautiful suspense and nice vocab...kip it coming

  6. Nice piece Honey Jar. Yeah, you had the element of surprise in your piece. Made my evenin.

  7. tha duke "oluw-sniper" hamilton27 November 2011 at 07:38

    This is really cool, if she can do this with a diary, how much more an article....keep it up!

  8. Hmmmm,ℓ̊ like....kip ¶†‎​ up babes.mmmuahhh!!!

  9. Errm,it's just a plain narration...lacks some twist n turns & not that captivating lyk one of ur prev noteßooks..weldone tho