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Monday, 14 November 2011

Who Glammed it up best?

In this segment of the blog, we look into how fabulous pieces straight from the runway have been worn/rocked by fashion enthusiasts. See the first here.

This time around, we are looking at two stunning ladies; music diva, Jennifer Lopez and the very cute Julianne Hough (Ryan Seacrest's girlfriend and former "Dancing With the Stars" pro).

They slug it out in this Rachel Zoe Fall 2011 tuxedo dress. I particularly love this dress 'cos of the chic yet flirty feel it has to it, leaving you very curious of what could actually be going on inside. *wink*. It also allows more than enough exposure of their lovely, well-toned gams.

I call this "sexy in sophistication".


   J.Lo, 42, goes all-white, paired with a silver shimmery clutch and sunglasses.

  Julianne Hough, 23, prefers to rock it just like the model but with her hair down

Talking about two generations in the same fashion. Love!

So, who glammed it up best peeps?


  1. J.Lo killed this one. she looks flawless.