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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

GLAMFASHION: Illusion Dressing

I have always believed fashion to be fun, edgy, sexy and at the same time experimental but, there is nothing like feeling comfortable and still having fun with your outfit. 

I am one who is really not particular about the trends, but, I totally love this one. It has always been there but a lot of people have not 'keyed' into it but I am glad it is gradually being embraced. It's called the Illusion Dressing.

The reason I love this trend is because it is not only about looking slimmer, but can also mean adding weight to certain areas in order to create that balance. That's where the name 'illusion' comes from. It's about a print, pattern or stripe that's printed on the garment in order to create the optical illusion, making people see what you want them to see.

The secret is just being aware of your body type and getting the right pieces that will help create the illusion you desire.

The Tricks:
  • Pick the right colors
  • Look for shoes with medium/high heels 
  • Put your money in great underwear  
  • Most importantly, choose the right fit 

                                                        Kate Winslet in Stella McCartney
                                                                A Herve Leger dress
                                                           Rita Dominic
                                                           Kylie Minogue
                                                        Victoria Beckham
                                                            Stephanie Okereke

                                                             T-shirt with 'built-in' necklace
                                                             Genevieve Nnaji

For that tricky look, get an optical illusion piece today. It's all about the patterns.

It works.

Photo source: Google Images 

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