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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Honey's NOTEBOOK......... 3

This is one chapter in my life I will never ever forget till I drop dead, gorgeous. It is all I need to think about whenever I want a mood swing. We all have been stupid at a point in our lives but this act of stupidity of mine has brought me nothing but pain, regret and trauma. Notwithstanding, there's a lesson to be learnt in every experience, only that I learnt mine the hard way.

I'm a great lover of adventure. I love to discover new things and have maximum fun.

I met this guy who's an architect through a friend. We exchanged numbers though he wasn't my kind of person. We got talking one day and I got to know his birthday. I do not forget my friends' birthdays and I always cherish them like they are mine. Too bad I cherished the wrong one this time and it still wouldn't erase from my memory as I write this.

I picked up my phone that morning which happened to be this guy's birthday and sent a very harmless, straight-from-the-heart, beautiful text message, wishing him a good celebration. He was very surprised I did not forget because it had been 2months since we spoke. He said he was so grateful and wanted to say thank you by hosting me at his place. I was initially skeptical about it but decided to loosen up a bit. He asked me to let him know whenever I was free. I did.

My friend and I were very bored this evening. We just wanted to hang out. After a very long while, I remembered this guy and gave him a call. He asked us to come meet him where he was and so I told him to forget about seeing me if he couldn't come pick us from our house.

He did come and with a friend too. We had some food to eat at a restaurant. Time was far spent and my friend and I had a landlord who allowed no one in after 11pm. We knew this but still asked him to take us home. When we got home, it was just as expected and no amount of plea would make the landlord open the gate. This guy now suggested we slept at his place. I was cool with it because we had no place to go and it was an opportunity for him to 'host' me. Right now, I feel it would have been better if we slept at our gate.

We got back into the car and headed to his place. On our way, he got some suya and drinks. It was gospel music throughout the 30-minute drive and that made me feel a bit secure. Finally, we arrived at his place, a well-furnished 2-bedroom apartment. I was exhausted and all I could think of, was a good sleep. He took me to one of the rooms and I landed safely on the bed when he closed the door as he left. I left my friend in the living room who kept chatting with his friend and didn't see her until the following morning.

I slept like I was awake because I felt something was wrong. This was the second time I was seeing this guy and he wasn't even an inch close to my kind of man. Fifteen minutes after he left, he came back into the room. I wondered what he was looking for and pretended to be fast asleep. He came close to my side of the bed and touched me. What???!!! I could no longer pretend to be asleep and so I sat up and yelled at him like a mad dog. He quietly left and slept in the living room. I thought I had everything under control.

I got up that morning, did some bathroom rituals and was ready to leave. I walked into the living room and met this guy watching TV. He looked like he didn't have a goodnight but that was really none of my business. So I asked him where my friend was and with his response, my friend and his, were obviously getting along. I was about to stand up from the chair to go check my friend who was somewhere around the house when he walked up to me. I looked up only to see an erection that seemed like an electrocuted pole. I was lost for words....

To be continued....

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  1. hahahahaha...i cnt stop laffing..finish up dis chapter nau.. hahahahaha...i cnt stop laffing..finish up dis chapter nau..

  2. Smooth narration and express word delivery....iLike!

  3. Nice piece u got here!! Can't wait for the continuation ;)

  4. :) Interesting... I will start *beefing* you if by next week I don't get to see the continuation

  5. beta post d remainin before i come over there n electrocute u!!!beta post d remainin before i come over there n electrocute u!!!

  6. I finally got the chance to sit down and read this and this is what you do to me????? NOOOOOOOO! glammiiieeeeee! oya, make sure you tweet at me as soon as u r done! im waitingggg. Remi Buttons.

  7. The problem with peeps these days is that they let themselves fall into trouble. with what ive read so far, something unpleasant would happen to at least on of the girls. we let religious sentiments cloud our judgment.interesting story doe. i hope people learn from the concluding part of the story

  8. " an electrocuted pole"?lmao!very likey!! :)

  9. Hahahhahhahah...oyinda uve got 2finish ds oooo..ℓ̊ need 2 knw ΨЂA̶̲̥̅̊Ŧ apund @Ʈħƺ end.."Electrocuted pole" lmao...