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Monday, 29 August 2011

Honey's NOTEBOOK......... 2

I'm that girl you call pretty, sexy, beautiful or all of the three. Believe me, twice is not enough time to take a glance. Some people have the notion that I've got a silver spoon stuck in my throat. (iLaugh). Well yeah, I was born with it, lost it at some point and I'm working on getting it back. I look like that girl who goes for summer in the UK, Easter celebrations in the US and Christmas in Paris but in actual fact, I really don't know how to get to the Muritala Mohammed International Airport.

All that being said, I had my first boyfriend few weeks to my birthday. He was (still) humble, sweet and cute too. All he needed to do was give me a hug whenever we had a quarrel. He had (still) a great body *sigh*. Our relationship wasn't an all-time smooth ride because we had our differences. He is Igbo and I am Yoruba. I'm not tribalistic though. Aside the fact that he always had a listening ear, he had enough money for dates, some gifts and a car to support.

Even though we were miles apart, I never cheated on him for one day in the course of our 3-year relationship. I really can't speak for him but I had no cause to doubt his fidelity plus, he gave me some good loving and made me the envy of my friends.

There was an episode, one of many, that rocked our relationship. I used to have a roommate in my 1st year in school that had a body shape admired by so many including me. She was very caring and did most of the cooking. She was really nice, and, don't get it twisted, bad girls are the nicest. I knew what she was capable of doing but I never thought I'll be her victim. We ate from the same plate, slept on the same bed and watched each other's backs. I couldn't have suspected anything, though, I naturally don't expect so much from people.

In a nutshell, she wanted a piece of him, my boyfriend. She said all sorts of things to him about me that he refused to tell me till date. I wasn't disappointed in her, I only felt stupid that I suspected nothing all along. We needed to have a break to recover from the drama, which we did, and got back bigger, better and stronger. I put 'my friend' aside and decided to focus on my relationship which was about a year gone.

Oh My! (thanks Sammy).
How could I have forgotten?! Our first kiss!!!!!!

Just before I share this, a friend of mine had this to say about hers, "I was at his place and it was time for me to leave. I got up and he pulled me back. He kissed me for about 30secs but I was too nervous to reciprocate. When I could finally feel my lips, I walked back into the house in total confusion. I did not realize what I was doing until he held my hand and walked me through the door" #hahahaha.

Do I have your attention now? Thank you.

We laid on the bed, laughed and talked about some issues. Then at some point, we became quiet. I saw this coming but I wasn't ready. I tried to bring up a topic because the silence was becoming deafening but I couldn't think of anything.
I remembered an un-related issue and spat it out but his reply was more un-related because he went, "Are you not going to kiss me?" Jesus Christ! I really wanted to be vapor at the moment. I felt this sudden heat on my face in a room that was fully air-conditioned. I became quiet. He said again, "Come let me teach you how to kiss" and I went all defensive, rolling my eyes, "Oh please! I've been there, done that!", which was a blatant lie. And before I could utter another word, he sealed my lips with an intense kiss. I kissed back and prayed silently in my heart that I was doing a good job...........

He was not perfect but he fitted into my imperfection at THE MOMENT. He was a gentleman but that is not all that makes a relationship work. At some point, I just felt this need to define what I really wanted and it turned out not to be him. What I loved at 18years didn't appeal to me anymore at 21years. I became withdrawn, he tried to make it work but my mind was made up and there was no looking back.

It's been 8months since I closed his chapter of my life in my NOTEBOOK. I would be lying to myself if I said I didn't miss him or I do not still flip through his pages. He was a part of my life for 3 whole years, and for those years, I was dedicated and committed to him, hoping it would last forever. I wasn't even an inch right. I still think about him because I see him on twitter, look out for the number plate of his car, which happens to be in my favorite color, RED!

Well, I can boldly say that I'm no longer in love with him. He's hooked now and I'm happy for him. The reason and manner in which you break-up determines how often you smile whenever you think about your ex.

He was my first love but the first is not necessarily the best. I've moved on and I'm on to the next one.

Still single though, without wrinkle and not in a hurry to mingle. *wink*.

I am sure y'all are wondering who the Sammy I mentioned is. Well, he is a guy I love so much. A very good friend, a musician and his mix-tape is available for DL here: A MIXTAPE & THEN SOME
Support a brother. Thanks. 

Honey Jar
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  1. This is just beautiful...
    I wish I was sammy*

  2. dis is a wonderful piece..even tho i neva hrd it frm d horse's mouth...thumbs up gurl!dis is a wonderful piece..even tho i neva hrd it frm d horse's mouth...thumbs up gurl!

  3. U̶̲̥̅̊я̲̅ last punchline.

  4. Got me glued till the end... Off to read the prelude.... 9ce writing and truly, how u break up, matters!!!!

  5. what???? i'm totally lost!!!!! ermmmm sammy or sort of promo init??? ermm.... *gasp* are you kidding me???? same sammy my fwend???? *rme* are u def kidding me!!! oh my!!!!! hummmmm little wonder.

  6. Anyways some kinda ish we find ourselves..the best thing and the most important thingy is "WHO EVER WILL ADD VALUE TO YOUR LIFE" is worth going for.. and no one is perfect though but there is dis misconception abt ladies looking for a nice guy "A MAN WHO FEARS GOD" when iMean fear, not necessary an S.U thing but iMean who fears GOD will not hawt a lady! let me stop here though.

    Nice write up!

  7. WOOOW is all i can say right now. This is just too Lovely & I'll Visit this Blog Often from now on. Nice One & I Respect your Talent Girl + I'm on Sammy's Mix Tape - DJ Buzzle

  8.,some peepz lyk me av neva loved b4 tho buh,i'av bin loved a couple of tymz(no braging tho) buh d fact remainz dat i'm really waiting 4 d day i wuld sha...coz al i av on a girl can only b a crush buh i am actually missing that 'loving' part of me tho,some peepz lyk me av neva loved b4 tho buh,i'av bin loved a couple of tymz(no braging tho) buh d fact remainz dat i'm really waiting 4 d day i wuld sha...coz al i av on a girl can only b a crush buh i am actually missing that 'loving' part of me tho ..hmm

  9. Great job....U dint say wah hapnd after d kiss p tho..

  10. Hmmm finally get ∙̣̇∙̣̇∙̣̇∙̣̣̣̇̇̇∙̣̣̇̇∙̣̇∙  Ʈħƺ story...really cool tho ..av learnt sumfn frm ds oyinda...babe U̶̲̥̅̊ rock...ġφ  gurl