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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

S.G.C for S.A.M.I.

S.G.C is an acronym for SilverGreenCheers, a celebration of the courage of people especially children, born and living with life-threatening diseases.
It is an event organized and hosted by V14 Ventures, a corporate shopping, events and travel services company.

Come 28th August, 2011, there will be a fund raiser which will also be a fashion sale tagged "SGC for SAMI" with beautiful items including costume & beaded jewelries, clothes & bags, hair, etc. up for grabs.

All these will be in honor of S.A.M.I. (the Sickle cell and Management Initiative) where100% of the proceeds from sales would go to .
It is a sickle cell foundation.

All items for sale would be sold at very attractive prices.

Time is 2:00 pm and Venue, The G12 bar, Oniru Private Beach.

This e-flyer can be used as twitter avatars and bbm dps to create more awareness.

Message from S.G.C: "Come touch a cell, come celebrate courage, come give hope, come, let’s make the world brighter!!!!! Come famz with stars".

How best to spend your Sunday afternoon than getting out there to put a smile on the face that needs it?

Think about it. *wink*

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