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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

NewHit: Maytronomy drops 2 new singles!

Multi-talented recording artiste, Maytronomy, makes his official debut entry with two super hot singles; "Wetin You Dey Feel Like?" (WYDFL) and "Must To Get It".

"Wetin You Dey Feel Like?" (WYDFL) is a Rap/Hip-hop track of the street banger/anthem variety. Heavy drums, kicks and snares give the song character, thanks to producer D-Tunes who goes delirious on the beat to arrive at that classic street banging, hip-hop sound.  

May, as he is fondly called, goes in from start to finish with witty lines and an in-your-face lyrical prowess that comes from working overtime in the studio, bar after bar; "I guess it means the boy is all vein no arteries and with Khaled, you couldn't go as hard as me cos I'm like Simon Cowell, so hard to please".
This song is fully locked and loaded, making "Wetin You Dey Feel Like?" a worthy listen, over and over again.

"Must to get it" is an Eclectic/Pop single with a story. Maytronomy plays the hunter, and the lady of his dreams, his prey. In this song, he displays lady loving skills to the point where he openly declares that his lady is trapped in his web and she will not be let loose......
Maytronomy plays the rapper and singer roles so well on this joint, it's easy to say he's a good actor. He turns regular street talk to witty metaphors and slang lexicons in the most melodious ways. He juggles his musical talent seamlessly all across "Must To Get It". This song is definitely one for the clubs as electronic sounds, synths and congas dominate the dance progression of the banging beat, thanks to the duo of super producers E. Kelly and Charlie X.
A sure shot, to say the least, "Must To Get It", will make it to your favorite music playlist and will stay there.

The singles, "Wetin You Dey Feel Like?" and "Must To Get It", bring a clearer understanding of the kind of recording artiste Maytronomy is. He's the rapper, singer and songwriter, who has written and has featured on songs for scores of upcoming artists and a number of notable A-list acts. 

Maytronomy was signed to Effyzzie Entertainment late 2011 which also has the R&B/Pop sensation, DIPP!. His debut album, "MayDay", is expected in May 2012.


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