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Friday, 16 December 2011

Johnnie Walker - #WhatsYourStory

This is the story of a man who overcame and shot back life's arrows. A true story of a very humble beginning.

Life was totally not a bed of roses for him.
He is a family man. He started his career in the Police Force and not long became the Deputy Inspector General of Police some years back.

He faced the normal challenges and the corruption that came with occupying such seat. One day, an order was passed from the Presidency which he refused to carry out because he couldn't betray his oath of office. This led to an 'early retirement' for him. With no house, a wife and 4 kids to cater for, a sum of #16,000 was given to him.

#16,000? He wondered what that amount could accomplish, but he never gave up!
Few months later, he shared an office space in Ikoyi with a friend of his who was also in the police force. He didn't exactly have a business but just needed to leave the house every morning.

One beautiful day, he received a call from a friend he once helped when he was still in the force. It was sure a pleasant surprise.
Two weeks later, while eating his regular: crackers, the friend called up again saying there was a job offer as a contractor for Shell Petroleum. He continued, asking if he would be interested in relocating to Port-Harcourt and wouldn't mind being paid an initial amount of #1.7m per day. He went numb. Thought it was too good to be true.
After several processes, he got the job but the salary didn't go as discussed. He was paid even higher and in dollars. $17, 000 to be precise. He had to give himself a  few slaps to be sure it was real.

His story was once that of lost hope but he decided to fight. When asked how he survived it all, he said
"you will need that drive, that determination to keep keeping on when all seems dark, having in mind that joy comes in the morning". 
He believed he was going to see a light at the end of the tunnel no matter how long it took.
The sacked policeman is now an oil mogul who has numerous investments in his name. He and his family now reside in Victoria Garden City, Lagos. He achieved all these because he kept moving.

The morale of the story is that there is no perfect world. You just gotta keep encouraging yourself no matter the circumstance. His case is just one of "if you can think it, you can be it". Never give up, be determined, be driven and it will some day pay off.

Therefore, never relent. Just

Favorite Johnnie Walker moment
Every moment with Johnnie Walter is a favorite. That drink rocks!!!

My cocktail with Johnnie Walker
Red Label on the rocks with any soft drink or juice, Tequila and lemon.

Johnnie Walker moment

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