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Monday, 12 December 2011

GlamShots: The Olmeca Tequila Beach Party!

It was definitely a day never to be forgotten.

The Olmeca Tequila Beach Party was filled with party-loving people up the shores of Kamp Ikare, an island off the coast of Lagos on Sunday, December 4, 2011 between 12 and 6pm.
This event was strictly by invitation and sponsored by Olmeca, makers of the popular Tequila, enjoyed by many of the Lagos elite and aimed at celebrating its Nigerian loyal consumers.

The Olmeca Beach Party, truly, was one to be remembered for a long time with Jesse Jagz and Brymo, members of the Chocolate City Crew, entertaining the audience with performances of their popular hit songs, while various celebrities, such as DJ Caise, DJ Sose, D Black from Ghana, Dayo of HipTV, Djinee, Dark Poet, Titi and Oscar of Inspiration FM, Tolu of Project Fame, Yemi Alade, Efa Guavera and a few others graced the occasion. 

Also in attendance were various representatives of entertainment media houses such as Beat FM, Cool FM, Tell Magazine, Hip TV, Sound City and E-gist. DJ Caise, DJ Sose and DJ Spin’all were on the wheels of steel making sure that there was never a dull moment.

And there was not one second of it.
The pictures will sure tell you what you missed...(for the absentees)
                                   Tolu of Project Fame
                                   DJ Spinall
                                   We are here......
                                             Kamp Ikare
                                             DJ Sose
                                           Jimmy the entertainer
                                   The great DJs doing their thing
                                            Bimbo Shobanjo
                                         D-Black from Ghana
                                   DJ Caise, Brymo, Jesse Jagz
                                   DJ Spinall (in red)
                                   The HOT Ushers!
                                   Oscar and Titi of Inspiration FM
                                   Jesse Jagz
                                   The Olmeca bottles
                                   Brymo and Jesse Jagz performing
                                   Yemi Alade and Ola Toxic
                                   Djinee having the time of his life
                                   D-Black enjoying his pedicure
                                   DJ Sose, MideVodka and the ushers.

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