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Monday, 24 October 2011

Honey's NOTEBOOK......... 5

Dear future husband,

I love you so much, I'm moved to tears. I pray for you almost everyday because we'll be spending forever together. I really do not know if you are Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Ghanaian, American or French. All I know is, I'm not tribalistic. We can always put our differences aside because the only language we would be speaking is LOVE.

It doesn't matter who you're with right now. I'm not even bothered if they're in their numbers, because when our paths finally cross and we seal it in Holy Matrimony, you would wish you met me earlier. I'm so double-sure I'm ALL you want in your woman *smiles* ........

I'm a mixture of razz and cream. I love to be on top of my game and still be accountable to someone. I love to dance because it's my own way of keeping fit and in that, my greatest asset is my waist *winks*. I'm a size8 and I only want to be a size10 when I'm carrying our babies, or what do you think?

Hmmmmmmm..... I have a feeling you are quite tall because I would want to jump on you whenever I want. I love to play and could get silly atimes. Just if you're not so tall, I'd still jump on you anyway.

I sincerely do not want a boring marriage. I want our marriage to tell the world that it's greater fun being married than being single. So we would go on dates even if I'm 7months gone in my pregnancy. Trust me, I would still look as sexy as a supermodel. We would exchange gifts regardless of the size during occasions and when there's really nothing popping. You would give me a kiss on my forehead before I set out each day because I believe it's a good luck charm. Even when we have kids and we just want to have fun around our house, we would go drop them at a family member's place. *No Disturbance Please* Our sex life is going to be super awesome till our hairs are in grey! *grin*.

I'm regular in my mother's kitchen because I want you to eat my meals and say I'm the best cook ever and mean it. I imagine everyday that "what if I'm not able to cook your favorite meal" *sigh*. Whatever the case, trust me, I'll go all out to learn how to.... Have I told you how much I love you? Oh yeah I said that in the beginning but I'm saying it again I LOVE YOU with the whole of me. I love to wear really short stuff around the house because I feel so good about my legs yeeeeah! This is funny, I think I'm hardworking but I don't like stress.

Pumpkin, I know you would help me around the house because of your selfless, mature and extremely loving nature. We would train our kids together and by the grace of God, they shall be exceedingly greater than our imaginations. The only third party we would allow in our marriage is GOD ALMIGHTY. We won't keep secrets from each other NO MATTER WHAT. Every of our disputes will be settled within the four walls of our matrimonial room. And yeah, I would love to make-up that way *wink wink*

Somehow, I hope you are reading this and even if you are not, I'm keeping the hardcopy for you to read through when we eventually find each other.

We would hold hands in public and act like newly weds at all times. Your joy would be my joy and your pain, mine. You would be my best friend and I would be yours too. I would always give you a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on..... Who says men don't cry too? I'm going to be with you through it all, and these promises, I promise to stick to.

I'm not sure how many kids I want because when people ask me, I always say "my husband and I would decide that", but honeybun, I really do not want a football team. I'm a MANCHESTER UNITED HOTTIE. I'm hoping you are too and even if you are not *sigh* we'll talk about that when we see. I have my weaknesses and I'm sure you have yours too. We are going to work on them and appreciate our areas of strength. Booboo! *pause* I LOVE YOU so deep! We would be rainbows in each other's skies. Your family will be my family and mine would be yours too.

I pray that God keeps you and blesses all things in your favour. I'm sure I'll be meeting you soon and I'm getting all set. But where? I don't know.

Once again, Mo feran re! Afurumginanya! Ina sonka! I LOVE YOU! Kisses!

Honey Jar 

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  1. A bit dreamy but I like the open mushiness

  2. Why do i have a feeling i am the dude in this note? Thats all i want too + i am tall + i am a ManUtd Fan + I love this note (it describes my own dream.)

  3. ds is serzly wat i want to...u such a grt proud to be ur frnd*winkx winkx**futurehusband give ursef brains o,u hurt her pere,i'll brk ur head

  4. talented gorgeous gurl, sweet write up.... am sure THE ONE has read it already or about to......

  5. ℓ̊ luv ds mhen,dear future husband hope υя also reading ds,§σ̲ U̶̲̥̅̊ berra couple up ooo..aη∂ give ursef brain ooo cos ds is ΨЂA̶̲̥̅̊Ŧ ℓ̊ want...oyinda ds is Ʈħƺ best write up eva,thumbs up...

  6. Its worth every single second I spend reading it over and over again

  7. #OneSentence... 'll u marry me?

  8. This is really nice... If I was a girl or I was gay, I would have tears in my eyes by now cos it was dat good.. @chukkietweets

  9. Nice one dear. This is a great post. Well written. You have got a great heart. Praying you find your sweet bonnie :). xxx

  10. Errrr let me know when u get down to earth.

    I can read it but I don't believe it.

  11. Nice piece of writing,it got me glued to the screen, but am not sure u'll still be a size 10 when you are preggy or what do u think?......

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. i really love the article. i'd to do some fantasizing while reading the story. Good job Glam

  14. WOW!!! this is beautiful and impressive... it was like my mind was being read and felt like i should go on my knees and propose immediately... honey jar is a talented, intelligent and funny writer...really loved the jokes in between.... #DearFutureWife u should be as brilliant and fun loving as this...