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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

GLAMPHOTO of the day

Hey y'all!
Just wanna thank you for your support shown towards the growth of this blog. God go make you all bigger o. (AMEN).

This is a new series and it is going to be all about glamorous, fabulous and catchy photos. They all appeal to me in different ways and I thought to share them with you. We just might share the same love for them. *wink*

First up is the picture of a UK property called the Uptown court, which just got sold after being in the market for six and a half years. Its original worth was 70million pounds but had to be sold for half the price because it just didn't sell.
An Indian businessman finally took the property which boasts of 12 acres of landscape gardens, 46 acres of private woodland, five heated swimming pools, 27 bathrooms, an underground squash court, bowling alley and private cinema.


It's totally breathtaking. 

Do you love?

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