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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Ruggedy's day: 20th September.

Okay people! Today is the day Michael Ugochukwu Stephens was born, and I mean decades ago, but he decided to change that name to Ruggedman. Now he goes by RuggedyBaba. Which one we go take sef? Lol!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Ruggedity. *at least that's mine for him* wink!

To celebrate his day with fans and friends, he decided to drop a hot new single "How You Want Am" featuring the very hawt (talking bout his looks) R&B crooner, Funbi.

Back to reality! 

This new hit is off the hook. From Ruggedity's punchlines to Funbi's sexy voice, need I say more?
It was produced by Blaze Beatz and was mixed and mastered by Indo-Mix.

Listen to feel me.


*Please wish him a Happy Birthday in the Comments box below*. #mwah!

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