• Real name is Ayibaditon Warde a.k.a. 'Diton' also from the South South region & was born in the 90's. She is the only girl on the label with the stage name DeeWee and popularly called "1st Lady". She is an arts/graphics designer & a manager for the label. She is particularly interested in the Rap/Hip Hop genre but is still down to do any genre that comes to mind. She has a strong passion for music and is ready to let that passion out.
She says: "I want my songs to have a bit of rap but then you can still groove to them like Missy Elliot's.. I'll love to put a little comedy into what ever song I decide to do & I'm gonna make sure the lyrics makes sense... I get inspiration from artistes like Tupac, Eminem, T.I, Missy Elliot, Naija's Choc Boys, Muna, Eva Alordiah, Monimo, Olamide & Yung6ix.."

She is currently working on her single 'GIRLS ARE NOT SMILING' which will most likely be out this month. 

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