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Friday, 9 September 2011


An abortion is a deliberate act of terminating a pregnancy. Many girls have fallen victim of this because of the fear of stigma,a bleak future and rejection from the opposite sex especially when it's time to settle down. Oh, don't get sentimental, some married women are also involved in this. Most of the time, their husbands mount pressure on them because the sex of the child is not their choice or they just can't handle the responsibilities. 

From whichever point of view, an abortion is an ABORTION and it's a coated name for MURDER. You do not only kill your flesh and blood but you also withdraw a soul that might have been a source of joy to someone else. The list of medical consequences are quite a number but you still don't care.

Yes, the pregnancy was a mistake but you can erase it by saying NO to an abortion, save yourself from being a murderer and some guilt that will live with you forever. The truth of the matter is that you become a hero if you are able to nurture that child an ensure he/she becomes somebody in life. You might have no means to train that child but believe me, when there's a will, there will always be a way. Many young women have been down that lane and have come out with success stories.

Your mother gave you a right to live, why not be fair enough to reciprocate this loving act. I know of a young girl who committed an abortion at the age of 13. She's alive and well now but it doesn't change the fact that she stopped a seed from springing forth. There was also a girl who got pregnant at the age of 18. We attended the same G.C.E lessons. I looked up to her for solutions to all my mathematical problems. She had an abortion and bled to death.
I really don't want to get pregnant before marriage but just in case something goes wrong, I'm determined to keep it and not even the father of the baby will change it. I know this is easier said than done but I tell you, it's easier kept than lost.

If a man REALLY loves you, he'll NEVER ask you to go for an abortion. Or better put, if you TRULY love yourself, you wouldn't kill a soul you can't create, even if you were given forever.

This article is not to castigate anyone who might have been involved in the act of abortion. In fact, I'm happy you are still alive and would be happier if you came across this..... You can't turn back the hands of time. All you need do is forgive yourself, never go back to it, stand tall and educate other girls

Abortion is NEVER an OPTION!!!!!

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